Why you should use Daisytree Essential Oils

The world of aromatherapy and essential oils is growing at a tremendous rate. With all of this wonderful growth you need to find a brand of essential oils that you can trust and believe in. That is where Daisytree Essential Oils come in to play. Daisytree Essential Oils are 100% pure and non adulterated. I work with Canada’s leading suppliers of essential oils and I am very happy to state that my suppliers are responsible, ethical and can provide me with accurate information regarding the source of the essential oils and the exact chemical analysis of each different batch of essential oils.

Many of Daisytree Essential Oils are USDA and Ecocert Organic, VegeCert, and Kosher Certified and they are also gluten friendly. All of the essential oil blends have been small batch handcrafted with care and attention to the smallest of details. The therapeutic blends have been carefully formulated with exacting standards for the optimum health wellness benefits.

Daisytree Essential Oils are suitable to use in any style of diffuser, the beautiful aromas of the essential oils are wonderful on their own or they can be used in any number of combinations. Once you try Daisytree Essential Oils you will be glad you did.

Barbara Ritchie